Infants, "Casita Daycare" provides a gently stimulating environment with appropriate equipment and educational play materials that encourage babies to safely explore the physical world and what their bodies can do. Babies are on their own customized schedules for eating and sleeping.
Toddlers, Have many emerging abilities, language, greater control of the body to run, jump, and climb, greater fine motor skills, sensory discrimination and social skills. Children have choices of what to do. Activities are offered. Projects are often open-ended. Some example: finger painting with two colors, pouring and measuring at the water table, singing and acting out a nursery song, making a fruit salad, talking about animals we know.
Preschooler, "Casita Daycare" provides an environment for children to learn using language and visual arts to freely and flexibly comunicate thoughts and feelings. For example: circle time, share stories, read stories, sing songs, create music, dancing, making collages of objects found on a walk, and write names. The children begin to learn the arts of empathy, cooperative play, conflict resolution and negotiation.